Trademark Renewal Process: Ensuring Long-Term Brand Protection

Trademark Renewal Process


A trademark is significant for every business because it represents the brand’s identity. Trademark owners need to consistently update their registrations to maintain legal security and prevent improper use. This blog post will explore the maintenance of a trademark, its significance, and the required procedures.

Why do you wish to renew your trademark?

A trademark registration in India stays valid for a decade starting from the day of submission. Following this specified duration, you must renew it to keep accessing exclusive advantages. Failure to renew may result in loss of protection and expose your brand to potential infringement.

Ways to prolong the duration of a trademark’s validity

  • Renewing a trademark is possible via either online or traditional means. In the following, we will take a look at both methods.
  • I went to the store in order to purchase groceries. Ensure to restart your internet connection.
  • Any trademark owner is eligible to apply for renewal.


  • Obtain information: Obtain important details about your brand.
  • It is recommended to consult with a specialist when completing renewal forms.
  • Send in the renewal form through the approved website.
  • Benefits: Simplified usage, faster processing, and reduced paperwork required.
  • The criteria for eligibility stay the same during the online trademark renewal process.


  • Collect information: Acquire necessary data.
  • Fill out Form TM-R with precise and accurate information.
  • Attach required documents to the Trademark Registry for submission.
  • Benefits: Perfect for those who prefer traditional methods.

Trademark Renewal Process in India

  • Submit form TM-R for renewal application.
  • Initiate the trademark renewal process by completing and sending Form TM-R to the relevant Trademark Registry.
  • Number of registrations for a logo or brand symbol.
  • The current situation of the brand.
  • Contact information of the applicant
  • Ensure that you send the payment for the fee renewal on time.

The cost of the trademark renewal fee depends on whether it is done manually or online. Manually renewing will require a payment of ten thousand Indian rupees.

Consent and consensus:

The Trademark Registry will review the application to discover any potential conflicts with current trademarks.

If everything is correct, they will approve the renewal.

Appearance published in the Trademarks Journal:

Once your trademark renewal is approved, information will be posted in the Trademark Journal.

This enables concerned parties to raise objections if they feel it is required.

Creating a fresh Trademark Renewal Certificate:

Once the renewal process is successfully finished, the Trademark Registry will provide a renewal certificate.

This certificate verifies that the expiration date for your brand has been extended.

A new trademark is necessary to maintain a brand’s identity and protect its exclusive rights. Dropping a trademark without creating a new one can leave your brand vulnerable to infringement and weakening.

Not meeting renewal deadlines can result in expensive outcomes, such as losing privileges and facing potential legal conflicts.

If companies discover their trademark is close to expiring, they should promptly submit an application to the relevant regulatory body. This involves providing necessary paperwork and getting rid of obligatory charges. Creating fresh brands might necessitate varied strategies based on the locations and categories.

When renewing a trademark, one must complete renewal forms and provide evidence of ongoing use of the trademark, along with all necessary documentation. If the trademark is actively utilised to differentiate itself as part of the products or services available in the market.

Employees must also make sure that the information given during renewal is both up-to-date and correct. Errors or inaccuracies have the potential to create delays or issues, putting the new trademark at risk.

Being on time is crucial for renewing a trademark. Not renewing a trademark on time can lead to losing valuable rights and protections. It is crucial for companies to carefully plan ahead and utilise alerts to avoid rushing or forgetting projects at the last minute.

It is important for businesses to renew trademarks for current brands and to keep the trademark renewal process in mind when launching new products or services with a different trademark. Performing a thorough search to confirm the selected trademark is not in use and promptly submitting the registration can prevent future issues and simplify the renewal process.

Additionally, businesses must monitor any alterations in ownership or corporate structure that could affect their trademarks. Changes to trademark registrations and trademark renewal submissions might be needed in cases of ownership alterations or during a merger or acquisition.

Renewing trademarks safeguards against possible infringement and secures the investment in establishing a brand identity. Businesses can guarantee the legal safety of their trademarks and maintain the differentiation of their products or services in the market through being proactive and watchful.

In conclusion, the renewal of a trademark is a vital aspect of managing a brand, guaranteeing ongoing protection and uniqueness for companies in the sector. Businesses can successfully manage the renewal of their intellectual property rights by staying up-to-date and taking a proactive approach.

Key Points to Remember

  • Timing: Renew your trademark well before its expiration date to avoid any lapses.
  • Fee Structure: The renewal fee depends on the number of classes covered by your trademark.
  • Surcharge: If you miss the renewal deadline, you can still renew within six months by paying a surcharge.
  • Validity: Successful renewal extends your trademark’s protection for another ten years.


Ultimately, renewing the trademark is essential in safeguarding the brand of a company. Businesses can ensure the safety of their trademarks and stay ahead in the market by consistently updating them and adhering to the required procedures. Vigorous protection of intellectual property rights is crucial for sustained success, whether by maintaining current trademarks or obtaining new ones.

Creating a new logo is essential for preserving a brand’s uniqueness and protecting your business. Ensure to promptly renew your vital trademark, whether you choose online renewal or continue with the conventional procedure. It is essential to update your trademark in order to make a lasting investment in the prosperity of your brand.

Creating a new brand is essential to maintain brand originality and protect your company’s identity. Renewing trademarks is crucial to preserve brand uniqueness and protect your company’s image.

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Trademark Renewal Process

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